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  • Annual school rimdo is on 25th March, 2018.

  • Our school's one of the most important event of the year, The Foundation Day - cum - Fete Day Celebration will be held on 30th of March, 2019. All are welcome.

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Captain interview

Interview for nominees of captains by panel of judges held today in our E-library. Criteria for captains nomination:
(1) There should not be any adverse record from previous school/year.
(2) Production of certificates from the previous school/year shall have advantages.
(3) Nominees should be morally upright, academically competent, socio psychologically confident and a good orator.
(4) Students shall be selected and nominated through a transparent and a democratic procedure. All students are eligible to apply for the post, provided they fulfill the following set criteria required for the nomination:
4.a. Should have a good command over both English and Dzongkha
4.b. Should have supporting documents such as certificates and recommendation letters from previous school/year
4.c. Should be academically competent, confident and a good orator.
4.d. Interested and qualified candidates can apply and the interview committee will do the selection, provided they have been approved by majority. Two highest post they can apply for are school captain and SRC captain. Hoping to get the best candidates who believes in doing things by themselves and making things happen.


Date: 19/3/2019

Parents & Teachers Meeting

First round of Parents and Teachers Meeting held today in our MP hall for IX and XI parents. For class X and XII it is scheduled tomorrow. This meeting provides great opportunity for parent and teacher to develop a healthy and strong relationship for the holistic development of a child. It helps to open two ways communication for the welfare of kid.
Parent as well as teacher shares their effort on a common platform for the welfare of a child. Parent works at home on the feedback and observation shared by the teacher at school. Teacher modifies his / her own modus operandi of handling the kids on school premises. Teacher keeps vigilant eyes on the mental and physical progress of a child. Parent and teacher follow each other after school hours also to ensure whether their effort is going on right track or not.


Date: 16/3/2019

Druk Gi Kalapingka 2nd runners up

We would like to congratulate our Tshering Choden for winning 3rd position in Druk Gi Kalapingka (Season 3). She indeed won the heart of many with her remarkable kinaesthetic talent and amazingly soothing melodious voice.
The nightingale, also known as rufous nightingale, is a small passerine bird best known for its powerful and beautiful song. We would like to thank all our Motithang family (both students and staff) and also other Bhutanese citizens for unanimously supporting her and making her to the level of 3rd position. Special thanks to lop.Karma Galey for taking extra initiatives to uplift and upholding her position. Cheers to all.


Date: 14/3/2019

Pema Jamtsho scored 100 in Mathematics in BHSEC 2018

This is the boy from XII Science who scored 100% in mathematics in 2018 BHSEC. He is none other than our handsome and humble boy, Pema Jamtsho. From this year we have also started with new trend of awarding cash prize of Nu.3000 for students getting 100% mark in board exam along with certificate. It applies even for subject teachers too. Congratulations to Pema Jamtsho and madam Kezang Choden C.


Date: 13/3/2019

Annual Award Day

Annual Award Day held on 13th March 2019 with our Thimphu Thrompoen, Dasho Kinley Dorji as chief guest. Certificates and even cash prizes were awarded to top performing students who outshine others in academic performance. Certificates of appreciation were also awarded to teachers for their hard work, support and sacrifices in moulding and upbringing of our students.
Congratulations to all. They are all true winners of 2018 academic year. "Winners don't do different things, they do things differently" - Shiv Khera


Date: 13/3/2019

International Women's day celebrations

International Women's day celebrations in our school on 8th March 2019. Women are backbone of our society, and we men often remain handicapped without women. Though they were born free like men but majority are still in chain because of being weak physically.
Not long time ago, main activities in women’s lives was considered being a good cook, an abiding wife, taking care of the kids and the household. What else? Actually nothing! Women were not even allowed to vote in past century, there were very few female scientists because women’s education was never encouraged, not even in our country. Meanwhile, men were taking leading positions in business, economy, science, sport and were making the image of the society.
For a very long time, women were considered inferior to men. The role of a woman in society has significantly changed during recent decades. People started realizing the importance of women in the society as it is. It took lots of tears, fights, and struggle for many generations of women to get equal right as men. However, now in the 21st century, women were treated equal to men and they should be.


Date: 8/3/2019

11 students got selected for ex-country scholarship

We would like to extent our sincere congratulation to all our 11 students (2018 batch of XII Science), who were selected for ex-country scholarship in various fields. They kept their nose to the grindstone all year round and thus, met the target they set by hitting the bull’s eye. We had the ideal group of science students in 2018 academic year; many of whom were even idolized by entire school. We also had equal roles played by highly experienced, hard working and dedicated teachers who made things happen for willing students of 2018 - obviously, it takes two to tango. Thank you for making us all proud and all the best for next progressive phase of life.

Sl. No Name Course Place
1 Phuntsho Wangmo MBBS Bangladesh
2 Sonam Chokey B.Pharmacy India
3 Sonam Tshoki Lhamu B. Medical Lab Technology India
4 Tenzin Wangmo B.Sc Floriculture & Landscaping India
5 Tandin Tshering MBBS, APEMS Sri Langka
6 Jambay Lhamo MBBS, APEMS Sri Langka
7 Rinzin Wangchuk B. Tech Mechanical Engineering India
8 Sunil Ghalley B. Tech Mechanical Engineering India
9 Sonam Lhaki B. Sc Chemistry USA
10 Pema Jamtsho B. Actuarial science India
11 Ugyen Wangchuk B. Statistics India



Date: 7/3/2019



Date: 21/2/2019

Admission of feeder school students

Briefing for class IX students and their parents about the choice of subjects, and also on rules and regulations of our school. From this year we are offering Agriculture as another optional subjects in a place of Computer Application for class IX students. Other two existing optional subjects are Economics and Environmental Studies. Economics will be offered only for those students with minimum of 55 in mathematics in their previous class.


Date: 11/2/2019

Value Orientation Week

Value Orientation Program for X and XII students started from today in different group on six different values related topics. Such values are important because they help our youth to grow and develop intellectually /psychologically / emotionally.
Values help them to create the future they want to experience. Every individual and every organization is involved in making hundreds of decisions every day. The decisions one make are a reflection of individual values and beliefs, and they are always directed towards a specific purpose.
When they use their values to make decisions, they make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to them as well as to society and nation at large. When values are shared, they build internal cohesion in a group.
'Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need'. Ellen DeGeneres.


Date: 8/2/2019

Welcoming the students

Now the time has come for them to change their daily routine. During their vacation, some must have worked hard to help parent, some must have read good books and maybe be some are wallowing in the bed till 12 noon and lazing in the sun all afternoon.
However, now they have to wake up early to get ready for school and have to study at home even after school. Life is becoming difficult and living has already become more challenging. Thus, preparing for the best has to begin with tougher challenges from the beginning.


Date: 7/2/2019

Brief Result Analysis

Our overall performance of 2018 BCSE result has shown a remarkable improvement. Besides the increase in pass percentage, the qualifying percentage has jumped to 56.96% in 2018. This means from the total of 237 students who appeared in X board exam (from our school in 2018), 56.96% (i.e. 135 students) will be admitted back to our school in class XI. We are eagerly waiting to welcome them back to Motithang family. Overall pass percentage of BHSEC 2018: Science 99.12, Commerce 84.55 and Arts 94.44


Date: 4/2/2019

Academic year 2019

First day at school (for teachers and supporting staff) for 2019 academic year started with prayer and lighting butter lamps. Followed by serving of suja and desi at the tea- break time, and then meeting on result analysis.
As saying goes: "Life has to go on and living has to be made, does not matter how and where". So is the life of Motithang family. Old students leave after graduating and new ones will continue to come. Even amongst teaching faculty, every year we have some leaving (even within one or two years of their stay) and others joining. However, majority remain here fixed like northern star, moulding the life of student from cocoon to butterfly, often going beyond their regular call of duty.


Date: 3/1/2019