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Practical exam for class 12 and 10


Date: 13/11/2019

Exam wishes

Fear not the exam because it is only a test of our labour; and you have laboured hard throughout the year. All the best for your exams to all our students who are appearing annual exam and board exam as well.  


Date: 12/11/2019

Farewell to our class 12 students

Our grandeurs of sensational class XII Farewell together with another grand celebration of 64th Birthday of our fourth Druk Gyalpo was successfully completed today on the very auspicious day, 11th of November 2019. All the planned activities turn out to be a grand success, from welcome speech, national anthem, zhabten to grand lunch.
Thank you to all wonderful class XII students for accepting our invitation and making the program worthwhile, lively and exciting for all as a guest of honour. We would also like to thank team of our agile, energetic and active class XI captains for planning, preparing and serving to the best of their capabilities.
For the successful class XII students, school life is almost at the verge of ending, and the next stage of their life will begin in college as first year degree students. School life is best period of human life especially if students are wise enough to use every single moment of their stay in school wisely. Majority of people are learning from his childhood in the school and also school built their character. It is the formative period for everyone. Not all but majority of student try to make his or her life better and best use at school because it never comes again after the school session is over once for all.
“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw All wise students learn great knowledge from the school. They try to have great discipline and punctuality in the school. The wise remembers that if a student becomes successful in his or her student career and his or her character is built on a sound basic, he or she will be able to shine in any sphere of life and serve his society and countries.
School is the place where students shape their character, mold their mental attitudes and fashion the basic principles of life. However, if one fails to shape their character, mold their attitudes, develop good habits and fashion the basic principles of life in school, than it will be next to impossible to change positively their after.
All the best to all our class XII students in their board exam and also for other students too.


Date: 11/11/2019

64th Birth Anniversary of our beloved fourth Druk Gyalpo

On the joyous occasion of the 64th Birth Anniversary of our beloved fourth Druk Gyalpo, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the family of Motithang HSS joins the nation in offering our deepest respect, heartfelt felicitation and prayers for His Majesty’s good health, everlasting joy and long life.


Date: 11/11/2019

Closing ceremony of scouts

"The real way to gain happiness is to give it to others. Try your best to made a difference in this world, and leave the world a little better for having been here." ....anonymous.
Scout closing ceremony for 2019. There is no teaching to compare with example of own. Actions always speak louder than words.
Our scouts of 2019 performed every activity beyond expectations and finally they concluded the year with grand ceremonial celebration with masters, leaders and troops.
Lord Baden-Powell also said, "Show me a poorly uniformed troop, and I'll show you a poorly uniformed leader." Remember that your Scouts will reflect the way you present and conduct yourself.
This philosophy works in all organizations and institutions. So called leaders in any institution or organization, irrespective of big or small, makes a big difference in the work ethics and achievements of their subordinates and subjects. If the leaders are sincere, selfless, dedicated and hardworking besides being active and agile, the subordinates and their subjects will be always follow their footsteps without even having to remind, advice or warn.
However, it is also normal to have few subordinates and subjects being complacent. However, wise leaders always bring them on track with necessary timely advice and reminding and most importantly with their own example to the level of perfection. This is what our scout leaders have been always doing, taking the scouting activities to a greater height. Cheers to our scout leaders spearheaded by Sir Sonam Wangchuk and to all our students scouts.


Date: 7/11/2019

His Majesty's Academic Excellence Award

Today, academically top performing students from Thimphu thromde were awarded with His Majesty's Academic Excellence Award for their outstanding performance in the academic year of 2018.
Representing His Majesty the King, Honourable Thimphu Dasho Dzongda graced the ceremonial academic awards to toppers from Thimphu Thromde in the presence of their school principals and parents.
A proud moment not only for students but also for teachers and parents as their success is a success of parents and teachers too.
Such award has a ripple effect. It can boost the morale of each award recipients, further making them work even much harder than before and will rise furthermore in their academic performance this year and thereafter. Even the remaining students of our country will be encouraged to work harder with more dedication and devotion for their studies.
Every award recipient students can be a role model for the rest of the students. Rest need to learn how to be successful like them and adopt their working strategies or adapt their studying methodologies.
The difference between successful students and others is not a lack of strength or a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will, a will to work harder, work further and work with seriousness. Successful students work to the extent of breaking their back when the rest are remaining complacent, often chewing fat or engaged in woolgathering.
Somebody rightly mentioned that the success is a ladder that cannot be climbed with hands in pockets. No one expects success from lame ducks or couch potatoes but from a ball of fire with full of beans. Success without hardwork happens only when pigs fly. Similarly, only in the dictionary success comes before work (in words). Good attitude and good manner are equally important in achieving permanent success.
We would like to acknowledge our award recipients, Tshogyal Dema of class X (2019), Metoma Tshogyal XI Science (2019) , Sangay Choden of XII Commerce(2019), Tshering Wangmo of XII Arts (2019), Choining Tshomo of XII Science (2019) along with our former students Jambay Lhomo of Xll Science (2018), Tshering Yangden of XII Arts (2018)and Tandin Wangmo of XII Commerce (2018). They are our stream toppers from XI and XII and level toppers from lX and X of 2018 academic year.
Congratulations to all the recipients of Thimphu Thromde schools.


Date: 5/11/2019

Staff picnic

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."- Edward Everett Hale Our annual staff picnic finally concluded today with unlimited fun, excitement and joy as one family gathering. We all enjoyed to the maximum possible extent.
Teachers strive hard for the perfection of their students and work hard throughout the year. In recognition of their dedicated service to the institution like ours, the management gives an opportunity to the teaching and non- teaching staff to go on a staff picnic to unwind and be rejuvenated.
The staff picnic, which is a beloved tradition here, is a very important like annual ritual that is well organized with planned activities. This helps the teachers to interact, integrate and bond with each other in an informal setting which is an important part of a well rounded staff appreciation programme.
Everyone cooperated as a team or member of one single family to bring best out the planned activity. In addition, some of our staff including madam Principal herself spearheaded to go as advance group since yesterday afternoon to make things even better and more convenient for today and that is like icing the cake.
Like every year, even this year too, our annual staff picnic turned out to be overwhelmingly more better with total perfection in every activities and also every meals were flawlessly prepared and exceedingly delicious. With the blessing of almighty god and with the perfect coordination and cooperation amongst every single member of our Motithang HSS family, things went well until now. We are hoping to see even coming year much better than ever.


Date: 1/1/2019

Handing taking of new school building.

Today, our iconic structure of new academic building was finally handed over to Thimphu Thromde and to our school management board by SPBD (School Planning & Building Division) and T Tobgyel Construct Pvt Ltd.
The foundation of this building was initially laid in 2015 under the command of our His Majesty, the 5th Druk Gyalpo. This building was started after dismantling previously existing old structure, and in the same spot. Finally, the construction work was completed just few days ago. However, we still have our Chesham (inside this new structure) yet to complete and will serve as prayer hall after its completion.
Today our school stands as unique school in terms of structure and one of the first kind of structure under SPBD in 11FYP Project. Thank you, your Majesty for such a wonderful gift to our children and school faculties.
We would also like to thank our Ministry of Education, SPBD and T Tobgyel Construct Pvt Ltd for successfully completing this symbolic structure.


Date: 14/10/2019

Won a bronze medal in Men's Doubles

"The biggest problem for badminton is wind direction and lighting. If those problems are not solved, it seriously impacts players' performances on the court. If a high-level player's performance is affected by these factors, they suffer setbacks and cannot be fully satisfied on the court."....Lin Dan (Chinese professional badminton player. He is a two-time Olympic champion, five-time World champion, as well as a six-time All England champion)
We would like to congratulate our Jamyang Tenzin of XI Science who participated and won a bronze medal in Men's Doubles, along with other three junior badminton participants who participated and won in Maldives. Bhutan Junior team have achieved for the first time in the history a bronze medal in Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles category in South Asia Under 21 Regional Bamdinton Championship 2019 in Addu City, Maldives. Congratulations to all.


Date: 7/10/2019


"We are yesterday’s children, today we are tomorrow’s parents’ responsible for our nation and for laying the foundation for the next generation. Remember, the future will reflect what we do today.” --- His Majesty the 5th Druk Gyalpo
Our scout students and five scout teachers actively carried out various drills and practices at Paro Campsite. They seemed to be enjoying fullest with multiple practical funs and learning, the learning, which may appear baffling or mystifying for nonprofessionals like us. Scouts have their own ways of learning or contributing by involving, participating in community activities or environmental and cultural preservation and doing things that best soothes them.
Scouts are supposed to be the leaders, trainers and forerunners in all good, productive and useful activities that our society upholds, not just in schools but also throughout the nation. Thus, all view them as role models and they have to be.
During His Majesty the King's 35th birth anniversary celebration, His Majesty addressed to the scouts that they were all custodians of Bhutan’s Culture, heritage and National Identity and they must always strive for excellence.


Date: 6/10/2019

Reminders to our girls

"Everyone needs reminders that the fact of their being on this earth is important and that each life changes everything.".... Marge Kennedy.

Yesterday our madam principal gave highly invaluable talk to our girls as a reminder about making wise decision and remaining safe during holidays. Madam smartly talked on alarming issues like use of social media, substance abuse and unhealthy relationships.


Date: 4/10/2019

Spiritual trip to Sha Khotakha Rinchenling Shedra

Our group of staff and few parents spearheaded by highly learned religious minded lopen Dendup Tobgay made a spiritual trip to Sha Khotakha Rinchenling Shedra in Wangdue Phodrang (Buddhist institute). They made their religious offering including prayers, tshog (ritual food), incense, butter lamps and donations on behalf all Motithang family for the welfare of all sentient beings.
The history of the monastery traces back to the early 13th century with prophecies made by the well-known Tibetean scholar KUENKHEN LONGCHEN RABJAMPA. The monastery bounded on the west side by the Black Mountains range, above 5,000 metres. The Kothakha village, overlooks the spur amidst vast U-shaped Kathithang, which is at an elevation of about 3,000 metres has a partly marshy land.


Date: 22/9/2019


Today we had another highly refreshing half-day PD at IMS by IMS without a single penny to pay. Madam Charmi Chheda, the Performing Arts Director of the Ministry of Education, carried on today’s session before tea break. She took us through three different types of mindful trainings. Most important lessons we have learned from her session was loving ourselves and then to love others through mindful practice.
Our former Education Minister, Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk, carried on second session after the tea break. Honourable Lyonpo beautifully and skillfully took us through different mindful practices, gaining attention and other SIY programs. He amazingly demonstrated how to solve everyday's problem, whether big or small by managing our thoughts, feelings, and actions with our intuition.
Another equally important freebie for today's PD was sumptuous lunch, which was arranged and offered by group of our 10 generous parents together. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all 10 parents of our students for their unstinting generosity.


Date: 21/9/2019

School concert

Our two days annual concert was grace by honorable Sherig lyonpo as our chief guest in the first day and Tshogpon in the second day.
Every cultural items of day one were performed flawlessly well by our active and agile students, displaying their Kinesthetic Intelligence and passion in music. It made more charming and beautiful with the backdrops prepared by the media and IT students.


Date: 14/9/2019

SIY for students

Everyone tends to experience unpleasant emotions that trigger unpleasant bodily symptoms. We feel physically distressed when emotionally distressed because our mind and body are interconnected like heart and soul. Thus, by changing our minds, we can really change our lives. Today our former education minister, Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk conducted a very important SIY program (the Search Inside Yourself) for approximately one hour for IX and XI students from 8 AM to 9 AM in our MP hall. This program is for personal and professional development of both students and teachers, focusing on building healthy mental habits for sustained high performance and well-being. Mainly based on the latest in neuroscience research, the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program teaches attention and mindfulness training that build the core emotional intelligence skills needed for all human beings.
Lyonpo beautifully demonstrated the power of mindful training and neuroplasticity in achieving focused attention in life by improving both mental and physical well being of practitioners. Our students as well as teachers remained fully captivated within the one hour of enthralling performance. Through today's program we have learned that everyone has the capacity to develop and increase wellbeing because wellbeing is a skill, and all skills are trainable.


Date: 11/9/2019

Reading Week

Today we have started our reading week with the theme; “Reading is seeing the past, present and future.” For today, we have started our programme with mindful reading by all students and staff, followed by two student speakers (who delivered wonderful speeches on the importance of reading) and finally with the words of wisdom from madam principal on importance of inculcating reading habits. Gone are the days when the libraries (though with limited books and references) and bookstores were usually filled to capacity and one would feel embarrassed when someone mentions a book which you have not read. In those days there used to be competition in reading books in schools as well as in colleges.
Today it is in the reverse, when you speak of great books you are looked down as being odd. Even in Face book and other media, people hardly read the important messages. Most of the teenagers in particular are constantly glued to phone and TV screens, the some are addicted to video games and the other electronic gadgets.
Reading habit is actually declining or dying slowly, not just amongst children or youth alone but also within adults too, not just in our country alone but around the world.
Thus, to revive, promote and promulgate such reading habit, our Ministry of Education has come up with such far-reaching programs (in every school across the country). This exceedingly important program will not only encourage reading but will also instill reading habits amongst masses to read more and excel in studies.


Date: 2/9/2019

SMB meeting

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success". - Henry Ford.
Our School Management Board Meeting (for mid-term review of academic year 2019), which was preplanned and calendared in our school diary, was successfully conducted today. Dasho Pema Jungney chaired the meeting and the members present were principal, vice-principals, parent's representatives, teacher's representatives and two school captains as student's representatives.
SMB is the highest decision making body in the school system that would promote greater community participation in managing the school to a highest level by ensuring efficiency, accountability and transparency. We are extremely lucky to have dynamically broad-minded as well as highly interactive and functional SMB members from our parents to guide and assist us in running school through every thick and thin. We would like to sincerely thank the chairperson and all other members of SMB for actively participating and contributing for our school welfare.


Date: 31/8/2019

Self- study classes

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do". - Pele (Brazilian professional footballer) We have conducted with our first self-study class for our class XII students at school on 24.8.19 (on Saturday) under the supervision of 2 to 3 teachers from 8.30 am till 12.30 pm.
We made it compulsory for low achievers (except for those staying far away) and voluntary for the rest. Majority of students are found studying very seriously, without lazing around or wallowing in unnecessary fun and unwholesome activities. They are seen learning together by helping one another mutually.
However, we have also come across few unconcerned and carefree students blathering and slithering mindlessly, almost going astray. Such students needed more care with radical approaches accompanied by strict supervision and monitoring.
It was a great experience for teachers too, especially for teachers on monitoring duty. Now we have also learned a great lesson on giving good care and monitoring by being more vigilant. In order to make the remaining self- study classes more productive and fruitful, we will devise different mechanisms hereafter. After all, good study habits do not always come easily or naturally. They need to be devised, trained and indoctrinated to our young souls.
Similarly, success in the classroom does not come from any single thing—it is about the right mix of attitude, habits, and effort. Strong study skills are fundamentally important ingredient in this recipe, and they are very much learned behavior.


Date: 25/8/2019

Religious discourse

Today, Venerable Khenpo Tandin Sithup offered our students with insightful religious discourse in two separate sessions (morning for IX and XI students, and afternoon for X and XII students). The main topic Khenpo preached to our students today was about dos and don'ts or rules about how one should and should not behave in this "Precious human life" Khenpo beautifully introduced the sacred discourse with six types of human life form and then continued with the main talk in five different chapters according to Buddhist doctrines and philosophy. He impressively elucidated how overwhelming desires conceal and seal our path to higher attainment and liberation from all forms of suffering.
Khenpo beautifully used guest and guesthouse as Buddhist metaphor to compare with our soul and body. According to khenpo, our soul is like a guest and body is like guesthouse in which we live only for temporary. However, in this mundane world we the guests are always found working for guesthouse like a slave, forgetting the higher purpose life. Khenpo is indeed paragon of highly learned Buddhist master who have garnered unlimited insightful knowledge from different Buddhist saints, masters and preachers round the world.
Many of our students must have benefited greatly from today's religious talk and will surely help them taming their mind and cleansing their soul.


Date: 23/8/2019

Encouragement Tea

This year we have started with another pioneering tea sessions called "Encouragement Tea", conducted after the class hours (without hampering normal teaching classes). This time we are starting with students’ appearing board exam but only with those who has greater potential, a potential to improve further in final exam or any exam (better than their actual mid-term score). We have started first with class XII Arts students from 20.8.19, then with XII commerce students and yesterday with XII Science students. From Monday, we will continue with class X students too. Sometime a circumstances force us to leave out those students who cannot be changed or improved by any measures or methods, particularly with those without a slightest scope for improving. This is because we all know that there is nothing like stuffing knowledge into unwilling mind. There is a thing that needs bending to bring it into proper shape or structure but certain things will break if we try to bend them. Thus, better leave it, as it was before to avoid breaking.
Nevertheless, we do not have a single student who do not have potential to improve or who cannot bend but will break. Hence, our academic department along with madam principal spearheaded such tea session. This program is initiated mainly to encourage, support and uplift those students with great potential but fails to use their potentiality to the maximum required limit.
There are multiple factors why some perform better and other lack behind in every spheres of life. However, certain factor that limits or restricts ones performance can be changed or improved for better, in positive way. Similarly, for academic performance too, there are different workable methods and strategies to improve. We only need to give a try but try wholeheartedly to the maximum possible limit. Madam Principal tried to find out reasons for slowing down of potential students in their academic through tripartite alliance: teacher, parent and student themselves. Madam thoroughly discussed the issues and problems with everyone, often making each party to eat their humble pie. She also suggested strong measures to improve and enhance each student's performance.
Now we are more aware about each potential student who needs to improve further, and will go the extra mile, leaving no stones unturned to guide and nurture them. Henceforth, we will not allow our students dragging their feet like a lame duck. We will guide them to work vigorously with full dedication.


Date: 20/8/2019

Academic Award for Mid-Term Examination

Our Academic Award Day of 2019 mid-term examination successfully conducted and on the same day, even the certificates of achievement were also awarded to all our Good Human Beings of the first term (till mid-term).
Also as a gesture of acknowledgement and appreciation, school awarded khadar to two of our students (Kinley Namgayel of XII Arts A and Tenzin Yuden of XII Sci B) who delivered great speeches at RUB, during the visit of India's PM, his excellency, Sri Narendra Modi.
Thereafter, a session on High Tea was also observed for all certificate recipients with their parents along with our school chair person, principal and vice-principals. We would like to congratulate all our toppers(1st, 2nd and 3rd of each classes) of mid-term examination, including the students scoring 80% and above, good human beings and two great speakers.


Date: 19/8/2019

Khadar Ceremony

Our school faculties would like to further acknowledge and extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all our esteemed dignitaries for making possible during the khadar ceremony of two of our senior colleagues, madam Tshering Yuden and lopen Phub Gyeltshen who is promoted to EX.
We are highly privileged and morally boosted with the visit of our Honourable Tshogpoen, Sherig Lyonpo, Secretary, Director General, Director, DEO of Thimphu Dzongkhag and other officials for offering khadar. We are also very fortunate and extremely happy as well as proud to have all our Education fraternity to support and inspire us further in the teaching profession. We will pledge to serve Tsa-Wa-Sum with all our heart, soul and energy to the fullest possible extent la.


Date: 9/8/2019

Mid-Term Examination

Motithang HSS family would like to wish all our students a very best of luck in your mid-term examination which starts from 10th June - 25th June, 2019.


Date: 8/6/2019

PD on Educator's Professionalism

“…You cannot tell children to be strong if you are not strong yourself. If you don’t know anything about the subject that you are teaching how much of it are you going to give to your students, you cannot give what you do not have…” His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.
Today we had another highly enriching PD program on the topic "Educator's Professionalism" by Thimphu Dzongkhag DEO, Mr.Tashi Namgay, and another popular figure within our education fraternity. Mr.Tashi Namgayel not only inspired us with his own lifelong learning and experiences as son, student, and teacher, principal and now as district education officer but also instilled in us with a passion to become true educator. He beautifully defined the role of a teacher as educator, which does not limit within the four walls of our classroom but goes far beyond.
He awakened us with thought-provoking short stories and video clips of great personalities to become a great teacher. His wonderful presentations kept us alert and make us do soul-searching by envisaging our pivotal role in nurturing and moulding young souls.
He further cautioned us with golden words of His Majesty's speech "You cannot give what you not have". We have learned today that in teaching profession there is no room for slacker or lackadaisical or lame duck, especially those who often bring failures and misery to student's life, the life that goes beyond school.
Teaching is for one who fancy or take pleasure in teaching and goes extra mile, often sailing against the wind to teach and nurture students with knowledge, values and wisdoms (beyond the bookish knowledge). We have also learned that great teachers are also great learners too. Their learning encompasses anything and everything that would broaden their knowledge (without restricting only to their teaching subjects).
Thank you sir Tashi Namgayel for such a impactful and impressive PD program you showered upon us. Thank you madam Deki, our PD coordinator and also to our school administrators for opting right and resourceful person to take us through in our teaching career because only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.


Date: 6/6/2019

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Two of our commerce students attended programme on Procurement and Supply Chain Management with experts in the field. Starting from today at 10 am, they have 'Strategic Planning to Digital Transformation for Leaders'.
Exposure is undoubtedly important for every students and is like a stepping stones to their next stage in life. Exposure to the world of work provides opportunities for students to build connections with professionals outside their usual school and family networks, and to learn by “doing” in real world contexts.


Date: 6/6/2019

Red Dot campaign

Our students along with our two health in-charge madams attended health talk at RUB after school. The talk was mainly on Red Dot campaign (this year's initiative on international menstruation day), it's is basically to manage waste products due to menstruation.
We also received small Sanitary Napkin Incinerator. It is an sanitary napkin destroyer manufactured with a high rate of reliability proven through performance. It is the best solution for sanitary napkin disposing needs wherein the used napkins are converted into a sterile ash. Very soon our school health committee will be using it and we will not face any problem of disposing used sanitary pads thereafter. "He or she who has health has hope; and he or she who has hope has everything". Arabian proverb.


Date: 4/6/2019

Panel discussion on industrial revolution

Sir Jambay Dorji along with group of our students attended a panel discussion on industrial revolution conducted by National Entrepreneurship Congress today.
National Entrepreneur Congress is the platform where we instigate discussions to shape Bhutanese entrepreneurial ecosystem. The conference will brings together some of the most influential national speakers, investors, and media, to inspire our entrepreneurs, and share with them the secrets of business growth to take their ventures to the next level.
The congress will also host ‘Startup Valley’, Bhutan’s largest startup exhibit, which allows startups to showcase their exciting ventures in front of a network of influences, early adopters, and the media. The participants also have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to launch their products during the event.


Date: 2/6/2019

Menstrual Hygiene Day

Today on 28th of May, we observed Menstrual Hygiene Day, highlighting on the importance of good menstrual hygiene management with the theme: It is time for action! Let us reduce our menstrual footprint.
Renowned Bhutanese film actor Tshering Phuntsho (alumni of our school) chaired today’s program. While talking about menstrual hygiene and empowering women, sir Tshering Phuntsho also quoted famous dialogue of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar(from women centric film Padman); "Big men and strong men don't make a country strong ... but strong women, strong mothers, strong sisters make a country strong". He greatly inspired and encouraged our students to support women and girls especially during their menstruation time.
Similarly, today our campaigning team to lead the Red Dot Campaign, spearheaded by Madam Tshering Zangmo and actor Tshering Phuntsho visited several private sectors, corporate, government, and NGO offices based in motithang community. They also got hold of random people that they passed by and sensitized about red dot campaign. In the past and even today in certain corners of our country and world alike, menstruation is considered impure and taboo. Menstruation not only barred women and girls from various social roles but also restricted 🚷them from entering lhakhangs, chortens and even their own house choesums. They are made subject of shame and object of fun by different individuals as well as group (particularly, by males) especially during their on-set or peak of menstruation. Many of our girls are ridiculed, disparaged or stigmatized with contemptuous and offensive language or behaviour, making them suffers deep within. They often missed their classes and even important functions during their menstruation time.
It has been highlighted that menstrual hygiene concerns the dignity and well-being of all women and girls, particularly school-aged girls who often miss classes due to inadequate menstrual hygiene management, which underpins rights to sanitation and gender equality in education.
However, now the human consciousnesses are changing for better, for both males and females. Males no longer look down or pass derogatory comments or stigmatize females, and females too no longer shy away, when it comes to menstruation hygiene. This is all because of frequent awareness programs and campaigns about menstruation hygiene, happening all over our country and even in the world.
Menstruation after all is natural and has to happen for all female alike. Now our girls as well as all women take good care of themselves with disposable sanitary pads but of course, they also need to learn proper way of disposing such used pads. They do not have to shy or shun from school or office, friends or faculties during menstruation period.
Today's program was a grand success due the team effort of entire Motithang family and the nearby community but the main credit goes to our health coordinator, Sir Jigme Norbu and his health committee, and special credit to Sir Tshering Phuntsho (Bhutanese actor). Thank you all.


Date: 28/5/2019

Our scout leaders contributed physical labour for the renovation of Wangdue Phodrang dzong

Our scout leaders contributed physical labour for the renovation of Wangdue Phodrang dzong along with other scouts leaders of Thimthrom. The Wangdue Phodrang dzong was nestled on a high ridge between the Puna Tsang Chhu and the Dang Chhu, from where we can have a splendid view of splendiferous valleys below.
Wangdue Phodrang is important in the history of Bhutan because in the early days it was the country's second capital. When Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel was in Chimi Lhakhang at Punakha, an old cripple approached him and told him that if he built a dzong in Wangdue Phodrang on a ridge that resembled a sleeping elephant, he would unite the country. Zhabdrung concluded that the old man👴 was Yeshey Goenpo / Mahakala (the main protective deity of Bhutan) and sent a noble to study the location. The noble reported that he saw four ravens circling the ridge, which flew away in four different directions when he approached. Taking this to be a good omen, Zhabdrung constructed the dzong in1638. Unfortunately, in 2012 - Wangdue Phodrang dzong was razed to the ground in a fire.
However, later on the command of His Majesty the King, the dzong reconstruction was started in January 2014. His Majesty The King granted Nu 230 million for the reconstruction of the dzong, and the people of Bhutan came together through various initiatives to contribute Nu 93.828 million. The government of India has committed Nu 1 billion for the re-construction.
The reconstruction and renovation of the dzong is still going on. Thus, yesterday even our wise eager beaver scouts leaders of Thimthrom too, joined to contribute physical labour for speedy completion of our renowned Wangdue Phodrang dzong.


Date: 26/5/2019

Inter-House Dzongkha Skit Competition for junior category

Inter-House Dzongkha Skit Competition for junior category with an objective of reviving our culture and tradition. The main mastermind, scriptwriter as well as the director of the skit was our humble but highly dedicated and hard working Dzongka Lopen Sonam Phuntsho along with other lopens.
All six houses have come up with different culture and traditions, normally practiced in different regions of our country in the past and some continuing even today.They all have beautifully presented their skit as a team, showcase their remarkable talent and enthusiasm in such mind blowing performance.
"Our culture, traditions and heritage are the foundation of our Nation and our People are our greatest asset". - His Majesty. Preserving our own cultural tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation is like safeguarding our own life force. One best way to preserve or revive and to promulgate our culture and tradition amongst vulnerable youth is through practice, mainly in the form of skits and dramas. Culture can give people a connection to certain social values, beliefs, religions and customs. It allows us to identify with others of similar mindsets and backgrounds. Cultural tradition can provide an automatic sense of unity and belonging within a group and allows us to better understand previous generations and the history of where we come from. Another benefit that comes from preserving cultural heritage as a whole is the communal support. Those that identify strongly with a certain heritage are often more likely to help out others in that same community even in foreign countries.
While our country (Bhutan) is definitely one of the smallest in the world, yet the cultural diversity and its richness are profound. As such strong emphasis is laid on the promotion and preservation of our own rich cultural diversity. It is believed that ensuring protection and preservation of our unique culture would assist in protecting the sovereignty of the nation. We have our own culture and tradition which is very vibrant and distinctively unique in itself, starting birth to funeral, including eating habits, dress, language, songs, dances, festivals, religion and ways of living. The responsibility of preserving and promoting our culture and tradition falls on each one of us as a great citizen of a beautiful nation.


Date: 18/5/2019


Today, officials from RMA enlightened our Arts and Commerce students about money and banking. This topic is very pertinent to their economic subject. They have learned great deal of lesson about how money evolved as a medium of exchange and why banking is important.
Besides being a means of exchange for trades between one party wanting to sell and another to buy, money also helps to make price and value comparable. The second function is as a way of storing value between two trades.


Date: 17/5/2019

Voting for SRC presidents and School captains

Finally our SRC presidents and school captains for the year 2019 were elected judiciously by our students and staff, without any glitches. Election was carried out strictly, in accordance with the high standard guidelines set by Election Commission of Bhutan, by using errorless EVM (Electronic Voting Machines). Now our students are fully acquainted with the voting procedures and more aware about the norms of election and using of EVM. For the year 2019, the post of SRC boy president was won by Jamyang Tenzin of XI Sci A and girl president post by Sonam Yuden of XI Sci B. Similarly, the post of boy school captain was won by Karma Tshering Phuntsho of XI Sci C and the girl school captain post by Sherab Zangmo of XI Sci B.
They are the most powerful figures amongst the student bodies. However, like Jamyang Tenzin himself said today by quoting Uncle Ben of Spider-Man movie; "With great power comes great responsibility". Now they have to prove worthy of their post and expectation of students as presidents of Students Representatives Council and as school captains with utmost loyalty, integrity and dedication.
Often voters have experienced incongruity or paradoxicality between the sayings and doings of many of their leaders but I am sure they will stick to their promises in shouldering any responsibility. They will have to spearhead as well as initiate various activities in school. We are all confident enough that they will do what they are supposed to be doing without any fear or favour.
Congratulations to all four of them. Hoping to work in shoulder to shoulder as a team for the greater good of our school.


Date: 15/5/2019

Volley ball final

Today volleyball final for senior level was played with amazing agility and perfect coordination amongst the player, signifying great team with well-set team spirit. Team spirit is the feeling of pride and loyalty that exist among the members of a team and that makes them want their team to do well or to be the best.
For senior boys category, match was played between XII Sci C Vs XII Com D and the winner was XII Sci C.
Similarly, for senior girls category, XII Com D played with XII Com A and the winner was XII com A.
Winning is important for every team but comes next to participation. Without participating in matches, no team can win. Participation is more important because all teams are involved in it and there is great deal of lesson to be learned for every team members. "I may win and I may lose, but I will never be defeated.” Emmitt Smith. Emmitt Smith, full name Emmitt James Smith III is a former college and professional American football running back who became the National Football League's all-time leading rusher during his fifteen seasons in the league during the 1990s and 2000s.


Date: 15/5/2019

English debate on Cut-off point and Quality of education

We had the English debate for senior category (classes XI and XII students) on the topic "Cut-off point and Quality of education". Class XI spoke for the motion and XII spoke against the motion. All speakers spoke fluently with undeniably supporting justification both for the motion and against the motion. They all used remarkable gestures beautifully combined with their facial expressions. They did it purposefully to entertain the audience and also to instruct or even to threaten their opponents, matching with meaning of their words, often sending strong messages. Whatever they all have spoken is not at all mumbo jumbo or frivolous, rather superbly perfect and flawless, deserving a solemn attention. We would like to applaud all speakers for their great talents in speaking publicly.


Date: 13/5/2019

School Parenting Education and Awareness Programme

Our school's parenting program "School Parenting Education and Awareness Programme" was successfully conducted today in small groups by combining parents of two classes. Every parents and teachers actively participated in fruitful discussion about the problems and challenges faced by our growing children.
"If you are unable to understand the cause of a problem, it is impossible to solve it.” – Naoto Kan (Former Prime Minister of Japan). The main rationale behind today's SPEA was to understand the root cause of various youth related problems and to discuss in group about measures to solve them. Thus, we invited all parents to participate by sharing their own views and opinions about the growing issues of our youth from their own perspectives as a parent.
All our students are in their teens. Teenagers face real problems on a daily basis during the most awkward growth stages of their lives; between 13 and 19-years-old. During this time, teens are exposed to some overwhelming external and internal struggles. Teens go through, and are expected to cope with hormonal changes, puberty, social and parental forces, work and school pressures, as well as encountering many conditions and problems.
Teens feel overwhelmed or get devastated when faced with unprecedented stresses concerning school and college, and career confusion situations. Here in Thimphu, we have many students staying with distant relatives and some even staying alone. Those who have absentee parents are exposed to more unfavorable states of life. The issues that teenagers face today vary but these issues can be dealt with easily if parents and other guardians can understand the symptoms of their problems.
Parents need to approach their children, who have been suffering from one or more teenage problems, carefully and in a friendly manner to discuss the problem(s). Many teens feel misunderstood. It is vital that their feelings and thoughts are validated and that the validation comes from their parents, guardians and also from teachers to some extent.
We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all the parents for making available, and most importantly for actively taking part and sharing invaluable wisdom on better ways of parenting. Thank you and have a nice weekend to all.


Date: 4/5/2019

Happy teacher's day

We had a grand extravaganza teacher’s day celebration today. Thank you all our beloved students for such an amazing remarkable preparation and presentation. A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. ... Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. Being a teacher is HARD. Whether one is just starting or have taught for decades, teachers everywhere in the world are faced with similar challenges, even to the extent of changing or quitting their job.
As a teacher, we play multiple roles often with different levels of uncontrollable emotions with different students of different personalities. Even in single classroom, we always encounter calm and easy to difficult and problematic students. Many of us maybe rushing to teach certain classes with excitement (especially classes with easy and calm students) but we never leave or ignore classes with difficult and problematic students. We run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, giving same effectual care and efficacious treatment to all students. This is because we know that there are rooms for improvement in every student.
Teachers face different level of hardships in life but never give up moulding and nurturing students. Teachers are the real unsung heroes who work tirelessly but prefer to remain low profile within the four walls of their school. Thank you to all teachers and happy teachers’ day.


Date: 2/5/2019

Sports day

Henry Ford once said, "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." Our Annual Sports Day of 2019 was successfully concluded without any hassles and hindrance; rather with lots of fun and excitement. We are extremely fortunate to receive Honorable Sherig Lyonpo JB Rai as our chief guest, along with other parents.
Every eager beaver players displayed their amazing sporty talents and they all turned to be full of beans. Every spectator enjoyed the remarkable spectacle to the fullest.
We did it and made it happen as a team, a team consisting of dynamic and farsighted principal and vice- principals, dedicated and hard working teachers, exceedingly supportive supporting staffs and highly capable captains along with well-behaved and praiseworthy students. We also have few unsung heroes who volunteered as judges at the drop of a hat and they are all our ex- students.


Date: 29/4/2019

PD on "Built bridges, not walls"

Today we had the spellbinding professional development on "Built bridges, not walls", by Mr. Tshering Dorji, the dynamic principal of Rinchen HSS. He kept us enchanted for almost 3 hours under the spell of his remarkable talent of conducting PD, invigorating our heart and stimulating our soul with highly relevant topic.
We had several PDs from different personnel, so-called experts and professionals, sometimes even with drudgery topics and mumbo jumbo talks often deviating from the main need-based topics. However, today we realized, for teachers in Bhutan, best PD can be given only by those who have experienced teaching and dealt with numerous teachers from within Bhutan. Thus, today school made the right choice for having principal of Rinchen HSS, Mr. Tshering Dorji as our resource person.
From today's PD, we are fully fuelled with highly enriching humanitarian skills and ready to propell within our school. Hoping to see our colleagues with eager beaver spirit and no more with all hat and no cattle. We have also learned that our occupation is not just to "occupy the space" but to go far beyond for the welfare and wellbeing of all our students and nation at large. We are eagerly waiting for more and more PDs from the same resource person.


Date: 20/4/2019

Visit of Honorable Sherig Lyonpo

Visit of Honorable Sherig Lyonpo JB Rai to our school today, on 11th of April 2019. Lyonpo shared his inspiring and indispensable words of wisdom with our students in assembly, immensely motivating them to study hard and become good citizens.
Lyonpo also visited our new academic block, inaugurated our new conference hall and shared his invaluable thoughts and farsighted wisdoms with our faculties. Further encouraging us to continue with our profession of teaching and moulding young children.
We are highly privileged and morally uplifted to receive our new Honorable Sherig Lyonpo to our school.


Date: 11/4/2019

"Run, run, run; run for healthy lifestyle"

Today about 900 energetic and sporty students of our school took part in the annual school marathon with the theme "Run, run, run; run for healthy lifestyle". Amazingly, over 800 of them successfully completed the allotted distance within the scheduled time. From the girls, first position was taken over by

  • Kuenkid Choden Norbu - X A
  • second by Anita Limbu - XI Com A
  • third by Sonam Yangchen - XII Com B
Similarly, from boys group, first position was won by
  • Tandin Wangchuk A - X C
  • second by Sherab Dorji - Xll Arts A
  • third by Tandin Wangchuk - XI Com C
They were all awarded with khadhars, medals and cash prizes by Principal, along with her words of appreciation and acknowledgment.


Date: 6/4/2019

Acknowledgment to our parents who have supported during our foundation day

We are extremely fortunate to have supportive and helpful parents and guardians within the circle of our school community. Most of them helped us in all possible ways within their capacities and capabilities during all important functions or events.
Even during our fete day, they provided us with necessary equipments like tents, utensils, table clothes and even helped our students in cooking at their homes. Some rendered help by coming all the way to our school to pitch tents, decorating stalls and even selling stuff along with our students and teachers.
Without their unremitting support and unstinting volunteerism, most of our school functions will have to be withheld. We would like acknowledge and appreciate each and every parents for all necessary help and support they have rendered us. We are also very optimistic that our student's parents will continue supporting us in every thick and thin even in future too.
Thank you very much to all our student's parents and guardians


Date: 30/3/2019

Awarded khadars to our newly appointed captains

Along with 44th School Foundation Day, even our new captains from class XI were awarded khadhar. The senior captains from class XII will very soon wash their hands off from the responsibility of captainship to give more time for studies. Junior captains will take their place by becoming full-fledged captains.
Captains play pivotal role in overall functioning of our school. The role and responsibility of captains are always challenging. They can always take our School forward if they want since they are in the forefront of student body. However, as always saying is one thing but doing is another and often things are easier said than done. Few of them may fails to carry on even their normal duties diligently because of peer pressure and overburdening social obligations besides academic. Thus, there are every chances of them becoming idle instead of ideal captains.
However, they cannot deny or denounce their duties or responsibilities once appointed or elected but can be defrocked by school authorities. They should exhibit themselves as ideal student, who can be idolized by majority. They should act as mediator or medium of addressing issues in school, bridging the gap between staff and students. Senior captains did everything assigned to them wonderfully. I do hope, even our new captains will never fail us. Congratulations to all our new captains.


Date: 30/3/2019

44th school foundation

Finally, one of our grand events of the year, the 44th School Foundation Day along with fete was successfully concluded today. Today's day is observed as school's annual spring carnival where everyone comes together in festive mood, the mood of celebrating or merrymaking with their families and friends. Dasho Karma Yeshey, the Secretary of MOE graced today's occasion along with our school chairperson, alumni and other representatives of our PSG.
Every member of our school (including the parents) rendered their service as a team since yesterday and some starting from week before to bring perfection in today's event. Even the weather turn out to be ideal and pleasing for such celebration. Our honorable chief guest awarded Khadars to our newly appointed captains from class XI. This year along with cham (mask dance) our boys performed wang zhay coordinate by lopen Wangdi.


Date: 30/3/2019

Junior boys basket ball final

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I have been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I have failed over and repeatedly in my life. And that is why I succeed.” -Michael Jordan.
Above statement made by iconic basketballer, Michael Jordan clearly reveals that only after losing several battles, one finally wins the war. Idiom: 'Lost the battle, but won the war', (Meaning, although one was defeated in a small conflict but has won a larger, more important one of which it was a part).
Today's match between classes X A vs. IX D was rather stiff competition between equally matched contenders. However, X A turned out to be the winner. Although some team members appeared like bag of bones but they are full of beans. Cheers to both our strong and nimble junior finalists.


Date: 27/3/2019

Annual rimdo

Like every year, even this year too we are blessed by his holiness, the Great Tang Rimpoche. Everything went flawlessly well, starting from reception to the reaching of rimpoche back to his abode. Entire work for our great rimdo was meticulously planned and efficiently divided by superiors within our staff, including captains. Each one worked extra mile as a team and finally achieved the desired result. After all, a chain becomes strong only when all its links are equally strong enough. Cheer to all for such a great success.
Thank you all for your hardwork and cooperation starting from our dynamic madam Principal, dedicated vice principals, devoted colleagues (both teaching and non-teaching), efficient captains and great students. It was the effort of great team. TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.


Date: 25/3/2019

Captain interview

Interview for nominees of captains by panel of judges held today in our E-library. Criteria for captains nomination:
(1) There should not be any adverse record from previous school/year.
(2) Production of certificates from the previous school/year shall have advantages.
(3) Nominees should be morally upright, academically competent, socio psychologically confident and a good orator.
(4) Students shall be selected and nominated through a transparent and a democratic procedure. All students are eligible to apply for the post, provided they fulfill the following set criteria required for the nomination:
4.a. Should have a good command over both English and Dzongkha
4.b. Should have supporting documents such as certificates and recommendation letters from previous school/year
4.c. Should be academically competent, confident and a good orator.
4.d. Interested and qualified candidates can apply and the interview committee will do the selection, provided they have been approved by majority. Two highest post they can apply for are school captain and SRC captain. Hoping to get the best candidates who believes in doing things by themselves and making things happen.


Date: 19/3/2019

Parents & Teachers Meeting

First round of Parents and Teachers Meeting held today in our MP hall for IX and XI parents. For class X and XII it is scheduled tomorrow. This meeting provides great opportunity for parent and teacher to develop a healthy and strong relationship for the holistic development of a child. It helps to open two ways communication for the welfare of kid.
Parent as well as teacher shares their effort on a common platform for the welfare of a child. Parent works at home on the feedback and observation shared by the teacher at school. Teacher modifies his / her own modus operandi of handling the kids on school premises. Teacher keeps vigilant eyes on the mental and physical progress of a child. Parent and teacher follow each other after school hours also to ensure whether their effort is going on right track or not.


Date: 16/3/2019

Druk Gi Kalapingka 2nd runners up

We would like to congratulate our Tshering Choden for winning 3rd position in Druk Gi Kalapingka (Season 3). She indeed won the heart of many with her remarkable kinaesthetic talent and amazingly soothing melodious voice.
The nightingale, also known as rufous nightingale, is a small passerine bird best known for its powerful and beautiful song. We would like to thank all our Motithang family (both students and staff) and also other Bhutanese citizens for unanimously supporting her and making her to the level of 3rd position. Special thanks to lop.Karma Galey for taking extra initiatives to uplift and upholding her position. Cheers to all.


Date: 14/3/2019

Pema Jamtsho scored 100 in Mathematics in BHSEC 2018

This is the boy from XII Science who scored 100% in mathematics in 2018 BHSEC. He is none other than our handsome and humble boy, Pema Jamtsho. From this year we have also started with new trend of awarding cash prize of Nu.3000 for students getting 100% mark in board exam along with certificate. It applies even for subject teachers too. Congratulations to Pema Jamtsho and madam Kezang Choden C.


Date: 13/3/2019

Annual Award Day

Annual Award Day held on 13th March 2019 with our Thimphu Thrompoen, Dasho Kinley Dorji as chief guest. Certificates and even cash prizes were awarded to top performing students who outshine others in academic performance. Certificates of appreciation were also awarded to teachers for their hard work, support and sacrifices in moulding and upbringing of our students.
Congratulations to all. They are all true winners of 2018 academic year. "Winners don't do different things, they do things differently" - Shiv Khera


Date: 13/3/2019

International Women's day celebrations

International Women's day celebrations in our school on 8th March 2019. Women are backbone of our society, and we men often remain handicapped without women. Though they were born free like men but majority are still in chain because of being weak physically.
Not long time ago, main activities in women’s lives was considered being a good cook, an abiding wife, taking care of the kids and the household. What else? Actually nothing! Women were not even allowed to vote in past century, there were very few female scientists because women’s education was never encouraged, not even in our country. Meanwhile, men were taking leading positions in business, economy, science, sport and were making the image of the society.
For a very long time, women were considered inferior to men. The role of a woman in society has significantly changed during recent decades. People started realizing the importance of women in the society as it is. It took lots of tears, fights, and struggle for many generations of women to get equal right as men. However, now in the 21st century, women were treated equal to men and they should be.


Date: 8/3/2019

11 students got selected for ex-country scholarship

We would like to extent our sincere congratulation to all our 11 students (2018 batch of XII Science), who were selected for ex-country scholarship in various fields. They kept their nose to the grindstone all year round and thus, met the target they set by hitting the bull’s eye. We had the ideal group of science students in 2018 academic year; many of whom were even idolized by entire school. We also had equal roles played by highly experienced, hard working and dedicated teachers who made things happen for willing students of 2018 - obviously, it takes two to tango. Thank you for making us all proud and all the best for next progressive phase of life.

Sl. No Name Course Place
1 Phuntsho Wangmo MBBS Bangladesh
2 Sonam Chokey B.Pharmacy India
3 Sonam Tshoki Lhamu B. Medical Lab Technology India
4 Tenzin Wangmo B.Sc Floriculture & Landscaping India
5 Tandin Tshering MBBS, APEMS Sri Langka
6 Jambay Lhamo MBBS, APEMS Sri Langka
7 Rinzin Wangchuk B. Tech Mechanical Engineering India
8 Sunil Ghalley B. Tech Mechanical Engineering India
9 Sonam Lhaki B. Sc Chemistry USA
10 Pema Jamtsho B. Actuarial science India
11 Ugyen Wangchuk B. Statistics India



Date: 7/3/2019



Date: 21/2/2019

Admission of feeder school students

Briefing for class IX students and their parents about the choice of subjects, and also on rules and regulations of our school. From this year we are offering Agriculture as another optional subjects in a place of Computer Application for class IX students. Other two existing optional subjects are Economics and Environmental Studies. Economics will be offered only for those students with minimum of 55 in mathematics in their previous class.


Date: 11/2/2019

Value Orientation Week

Value Orientation Program for X and XII students started from today in different group on six different values related topics. Such values are important because they help our youth to grow and develop intellectually /psychologically / emotionally.
Values help them to create the future they want to experience. Every individual and every organization is involved in making hundreds of decisions every day. The decisions one make are a reflection of individual values and beliefs, and they are always directed towards a specific purpose.
When they use their values to make decisions, they make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to them as well as to society and nation at large. When values are shared, they build internal cohesion in a group.
'Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need'. Ellen DeGeneres.


Date: 8/2/2019

Welcoming the students

Now the time has come for them to change their daily routine. During their vacation, some must have worked hard to help parent, some must have read good books and maybe be some are wallowing in the bed till 12 noon and lazing in the sun all afternoon.
However, now they have to wake up early to get ready for school and have to study at home even after school. Life is becoming difficult and living has already become more challenging. Thus, preparing for the best has to begin with tougher challenges from the beginning.


Date: 7/2/2019

Brief Result Analysis

Our overall performance of 2018 BCSE result has shown a remarkable improvement. Besides the increase in pass percentage, the qualifying percentage has jumped to 56.96% in 2018. This means from the total of 237 students who appeared in X board exam (from our school in 2018), 56.96% (i.e. 135 students) will be admitted back to our school in class XI. We are eagerly waiting to welcome them back to Motithang family. Overall pass percentage of BHSEC 2018: Science 99.12, Commerce 84.55 and Arts 94.44


Date: 4/2/2019

Academic year 2019

First day at school (for teachers and supporting staff) for 2019 academic year started with prayer and lighting butter lamps. Followed by serving of suja and desi at the tea- break time, and then meeting on result analysis.
As saying goes: "Life has to go on and living has to be made, does not matter how and where". So is the life of Motithang family. Old students leave after graduating and new ones will continue to come. Even amongst teaching faculty, every year we have some leaving (even within one or two years of their stay) and others joining. However, majority remain here fixed like northern star, moulding the life of student from cocoon to butterfly, often going beyond their regular call of duty.


Date: 3/1/2019